Pause Fest 2015 - Pure




Pause Fest es un evento internacional destinado a apoyar y dar a conocer lo mejor de la creatividad y la tecnología digital desde Australia y para todo el mundo. Una oportunidad única para conocer y conectarse con profesionales de la industria de las diferentes disciplinas digitales.

Cada Pause Fest cuenta una historia sobre un tema en particular. En 2015 el tema es la pureza.



The human race has never experienced or known a state of purity. It has never been free from rules, imperfections, restrictions or moral statements. Always contaminated by societies’ pettiness, corrupted by the use and abuse of power of human beings over each other and nature itself. The miseries, obsessions and degenerations of the self are reflected in capital sins and the moral dogmatism with which religions severely regulate and control human life. Corrosive and destructive tools born from civilization itself. Thus mankind has abandoned its primary and original connection with own self. The only way to finding purity is our lives. This is the story of humanity.


CLIENT: Pause Fest - George Hedon - Tim Bright
IDEA, DESIGN & ANIMATION: Juan Manuel Codó – Christian Hernan Segura - Javier Eyherabide
3D MODELING: Juan M. Codó – Christian H. Segura - Javier Eyherabide - Francisco Kitzberger
MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Carlos Tanoni & Matias Dante Moriones -
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ignacio Sandoval ( Lights ) - Luis Codó Barris ( Camera Rig ) -
Gustavo Eyherabide & Liza Mañotti ( Props )

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